asi: 234911


 100 (min) - $4.85
250 - $4
500 - $3
1000 - 2.35

Multi-use headwear keeps you stylish at every game and event to support your team or school. Use this gaiter as:

  • Bandana
  • Scarf
  • Rally Towel
  • Headband
  • Face Mask
  • Hairband
  • Hair Scrunchie

or simply create your own style.  Due to its tube stretchy material you can wear it any way possible and it will fit everyone’s head. Use it during any season - it keeps you warm during the winter or at hockey games and cool in the summer on any outdoor event. It’s super breathable and comfortable! Brand it with your company or team colors and logo and you will get the attention you deserve! But the message doesn’t stop here, it is a hit for every selfie picture and will make its round on all social media! This product comes individually packaged with simple instructions of different ways to wear.

Material:  100% Micro-fiber 130gsm

Size: 19.685" x 9.84"

Imprint Area / Method:  Full Coverage / dye sublimation